Vyapar Bharat


Buyer & Seller Management

Buyer and seller are the major components that are very much necessary in a market. The managing of both at the same time is also an important deal while working together. The demand of the buyer is very much needed for improving the supply of the product initiated by the buyer. Establishing a proper and healthy relationship between the buyer and seller is the most important and toughest job both at the same time. The seller will have to fulfill the demand needs of the buyer and there should be ample number of sellers too so that the seller will be able to sell the products manufactured by the particular person.

The relationship among the seller and buyer are mainly of 3 types that are handled by us. And they are as follows

  1. The basic relation that is kept is of transactional or distant relationship.
  2. The second relation is of value added or continuing relationship.
  3. The third and the final relationship is of partnering or close relationship.

The type of the relationship that a buyer and seller creates depends upon the kind of communication that is done by the middlemen or the sales representative who speaks to both the buyer and seller. In the initial stage the buyer and the seller who are unaware of each other will only end up in creating the basic or transactional relationship. These relationships are always made stable and healthy through communication, mutual respect, unidirectional and also through fair deals.

The relation of the buyer and seller needs to be stable for creating a healthy business relationship which will help in the smooth functioning of both the buyer and the seller. Initially, both the seller and the buyer will definitely have a kind of hesitation and trust issues but once these relationships are stable and are onboard they’ll not be facing any kind of issue for a longer period of time.